2015 Medieval Art Calendar for Sale

2015 Medieval Art Calendar for Sale

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Stefan Sauer is selling a calendar based on initials on Codex Gottwicensis 235, a 15th-century illustrated manuscript created by an anonymous monk from Stift Göttweig, Austria.

Calendar 38 X 52 cm
Paper: Photo Rag 250g/qm
Price: 38,- € + Delivery

Stefan Sauer is a graphic-artist. He grew up in Salzburg, Ausria, where as an eight-year old boy he met the famous Austrian artist Oskar Kokoschka and was shown some of his watercolors. The founder of the ‘Schule des Sehens’ encouraged him to continue as an artist. In his duty as altar server, Stefan discovered the beautiful initials in the big and heavy books he had to handle and realized the first time the mystical letters of medieval scripts. Fifty years later, he had made a professional career as creative director, art book publisher and professor of computer aided design, he discovered again the beauty of medieval scripts at the library of the cathedral at Cologne, where he’s living now. He started to analyze the fundamental aesthetic and developments during the centuries of the lettering, started to design replications as computer graphics and developed his own transformations of initials as his individual artist expression. His art works are private collector’s items as well as part of graphic art collections and have been presented in several exhibitions throughout Europe.

If you are interested in this calendar, please contact Stefan at:

Medieval Art Edition

Tele: 0049-221-248072Email: [email protected]

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